the Reading Room

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We’re scouting Middleton, Langley, Junction, Alkrington and all points in between to find local people to tell their stories. We will help you to tell your personal stories in a, ‘10 things that tell the story of my life’ format – ten pairs of shoes, ten friends, ten meals, dresses, pets, rooms, packs of cards, ornamental owls, anything you choose! - and the finished books will be exhibited in a major installation in Middleton library July-September 2018. These 250+ autobiographies will provide a unique, accessible, growing archive; stories of us, ordinary people and how our experiences collide/connect through cultural resonances and shared experience. And your autobiographies will remain in Middleton Library for future generations to read and reflect upon – and add their own.

We’re in the process of finalising a schedule of taster sessions, outreach contacts and workshops and we hope to begin recruiting our story-tellers in November 2018.

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